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  • It is a sweetener made from cane sugar and steviol glycosides (0.03%), obtained from a co-crystallization process patented by:
  • Thanks to this innovative technology, Azúcar Metco BC® sweetens the double compared to cane sugar * (helps reduce sugar consumption).
  • The perfect balance between sugar (99.47%) and steviol glycosides (0.03%) of Metco BC® sugar, results in a sweetness equal to cane sugar, reducing caloric intake by half *.
  • With Sugar Metco BC® you use half of the original recipe because it sweetens the double **!
  • Sugar obtained from the first crystallization of cane juice.
  • It retains a delicious flavor, color and aroma, characteristic of cane honeys.
  • It is not subjected to any refining process.
  • DB Sugar® is a sweetener that does not contain sugars, which can be consumed by people with diabetes and by the whole family.
  • Its main ingredient, Isomalt *, is a sugar substitute that does not increase blood glucose levels.
  • It is endorsed by the Mexican Diabetes Federation.
  • It is a sweetener that does not contain sugars and does not raise the glycemic index because it does not contain metabolizable carbohydrates.
  • It is a non-cariogenic sweetener that can help promote intestinal health.
  • It can be used in a variety of foods.
  • It is a sweetener of natural origin.
  • Its flavor and aroma is unique and characteristic.
  • Contains Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Calcium.
  • It is granulated, which facilitates its use and diversity of applications.
  • It is Ideal for pastries, drinks and even for bittersweet recipes.
  • Sweetener made with sucralose (1%).
  • By reducing the consumption of sugar, you reduce your caloric intake *.
  • Each 1g sachet sweetens equal to 2 teaspoons of cane sugar (8g) **.
  • Ideal for baking and cooking without losing its sweetening qualities.

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