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 San Antonio TX. Stevia extract is a natural origin alternative sweetener that adds that sweet taste to foods and beverages, but with zero calories. When cooking or baking, you can fully or partially replace caloric sweeteners such as sugar, honey or maple syrup in your recipes and use stevia extract instead. It

San Antonio, TX,   Caloric natural sweeteners are divided in sugars – sucrose, glucose, dextrose, fructose, lactose, maltose – and natural caloric sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, palm or coco sugar and sorghum syrup.  Sugars are carbohydrates and are found naturally in many foods such

 San Antonio, TX. From an energy intake point of view, it would be logical to think that substitution of sugar with lower calorie sweeteners should reduce the total energy consumption. However, this subject is controversial given that scientific research exists with contradictory results. According to the article  A

 San Antonio, TX, Non-caloric, natural origin sweeteners can be an alternative healthier option for weight management and energy intake. However, although sweeteners have some strengths and opportunities, there are still some weaknesses and threats for them to solve. The article A current and global review of sweeteners;

San Antonio, TX,   Sweeteners can be grouped according to their calorie content (caloric or non-caloric), their source (natural or artificial) or even their chemical structure. Among the caloric ones there are natural and artificial. The article A current and global review of sweeteners; regulatory aspect says that the