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 San Antonio TX. Svetia® Calorie-Free Sweetener is much more than an alternative sweetener; it is part of your daily life. Svetia® is a non-calorie sweetener made from stevia extract and cane sugar obtained from a co-crystallization process patented by Metco Foods Inc. Its main advantage is that it offers an excellent flavor and

 San Antonio TX. Svetia® Calorie-Free Sweetener is a stevia extract based sweetener produced by Metco Foods Inc. The Global Stevia Institute (GSI) defines stevia extract as a “naturally sourced, zero calorie, and sustainable sweetening ingredient for foods and beverages.” It is an extract from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana that has been

 San Antonio TX. The Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni plant has been used by the Guarani people from South America to sweeten beverages and as medicine for centuries. The Global Stevia Institute (GSI) says that the steviaplant’s leaves contain different sweet tasting components, scientifically called steviol glycosides. There are many different kinds of steviol glycosides,