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San Antonio Tx. SVETIA® with stevia can be used as a sweetener in beverages, such as tea and lemonade, or in sauces. It is a product created to satisfy the need to sweeten. You can take it cold, hot or even baked, since it keeps its sweetness and

San Antonio, TX. SVETIA® is a no-calorie sweetener made from stevia, extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana, through a co-crystallization process patented by METCO®. The journal of Nutrition Today has just published an article titled Stevia, Nature’s Zero-Calorie Sustainable Sweetener: A New Player in the Fight Against Obesity, by Dr. Margaret

San Antonio, TX. SVETIA® CALORIE FREE SWEETENER is a stevia extracted sweetener produced by METCO FOODS INC.  According to the Global Stevia Institute, the authoritative, science-based resource for information on the nutritional and sweetening properties of plant species Stevia rebaudiana, stevia and its sweet tasting components, scientifically called steviol glycosides, have